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Filters for Communication Equipment > for IF > Ceramic Filters (kHz, MHz)

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Product Lifecycle Stage in Production
Recommended Rank Non-Preferred
Replacement Please consult with us for details.


Global Part Number CFULB455KG1Y-B0
Previous Part Number CFUM455GY
Center Frequency (fo)
455kHz ±1.0kHz
Nominal Center Frequency (fn)

3dB Bandwidth

6dB Bandwidth
fn±4.5kHz min.
Stop Bandwidth
fn±15.0kHz max.
Area of Stop Bandwidth
[within 40dB]
Stop Band Att.(1)
23dB min.
Area of Stop Band Att.(1)
[within fn±100kHz]
Stop Band Att.(2)

Area of Stop Band Att.(2)

Stop Band Att.(3)

Area of Stop Band Att.(3)

Insertion Loss
10.0dB max.
Area of Insertion Loss
[at minimum loss point]
1.0dB max.
Area of Ripple
[within fn±3kHz]
Spurious Response

Area of Spurious Response

GDT Deviation
20.0μs max.
Area of GDT Deviation
[within fn±3kHz]
Absolute GDT

Area of Absolute GDT

Input/Output Impedance

Minimum Quantity

180mm Paper Tape

180mm Embossed Tape

330mm Paper Tape

330mm Embossed Tape

Bulk Case


Ammo Pack





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